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Over the past 30 years, Singapore has established a reputation as a centre of educational excellence, in terms of the quality of local and international institutions located here, as well as its attraction to international students as part of the Global Schoolhouse initiative. At East Asia Institute of Management (EASB), we are proud to be part of this development in attracting international students. EASB had its genesis in 1984 as Informatics Software (Singapore) Pte Ltd, providing vocational training in information technology. EASB was restructured in 2001 to offer academic degree programmes. Consistent with our founding vision to be a world-class educational institution, we put in place, at the onset, robust structures, systems and processes, and established both the Academic Board and the Examination Board to ensure academic rigor of our programmes and integrity of our examination system. EASB has continued to grow from strength to strength. Today, we are one of the leading Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore, offering a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across major disciplines. In addition to our Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes, we collaborated with 4 universities from UK – Queen Margaret University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Herriot-Watt University and Aston University to offer Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes. Our range of programmes include those in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Business Information Systems, Marketing, Medical Bioscience, Real Estate Management, Psychology, Performing Arts and many more. In 2014, EASB has successfully renewed both our ERF and EduTrust Certification for another 4 years, with the new certification validity period being 20 May 2014 to 19 May 2018. To be awarded the 4-year EduTrust Certification, a PEI has to achieve stipulated standards in a few key areas, including the management of the school, academic quality, financial health and protection of students’ tuition fees. EASB is also among the few to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organizations (SQC-PEO) / Singapore Quality Class (SQC) by SPRING Singapore in 2003, 2008 and 2013. EASB continues to identify and engage reputable foreign universities as strategic partners to expand our suite of tertiary education programmes to meet the demands of the global economy. If you have the aspiration to succeed, your learning journey with us could be a fruitful and enriching experience. We are confident that the transnational and employability-centered education you receive at EASB will equip you with the 4Cs for professional success – i.e. to become a graduate who is Competent, Confident, Creative and Committed.

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Diploma in Accountancy Advanced Diploma in Acountancy *Awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University BA (Hons) Accountancy (Top-up) Login
Diploma in International Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma in International Hospitality Management *Awarded by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh BA in (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-up) Login
Diploma in Business Management Advanced Diploma in Business Management *Awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK BA (Hons) Business & Management Studies (Top-up) Login
Diploma in Business Information Management Advanced Diploma in Business Information Management *Awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems (Top-up) Login
Diploma in Applied Psychology Advanced Diploma in Applied Psychology *Awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University BSc (Hons) Psychology (Top-up) Login
*Awarded by Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, UK MBA MSc in Marketing MBS with specialism in -Strategic Planning -Marketing -Finance -Human Resource Management Login
*Awarded by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh MBA in Hospitality Management Login
*Awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK MBA MBA in Project Management Login
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