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Hokkaido University is a Japanese national university in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It is a member of the Imperial Universities, which were established to be the nation's finest institutes of higher education or research. It is located in downtown Sapporo, just north of Sapporo Station, and stretching approximately 2.4 kilometers northward. It is considered one of the top universities in Japan. Since 2004 the university has been incorporated as a National University Corporation under a new law which applies to all national universities. Although the incorporation has led to increased financial independence and autonomy, Hokkaido University is still partially controlled by the Japanese Ministry of Education. In 2014 the university was selected under the Super Global Universities program that began as an initiative of Prime Minister Shinzō Abe who stated its aim was to help more of Japan's universities rank in the top 100 worldwide. Under the program, it is listed in the top university category or Type A—(Top Type) The Top Type is for world-class universities that have the potential to be ranked in the top 100 in world university rankings.

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Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP) - Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree Program Login
Integrated Science Program (ISP) - Bachelor's Degree (Science) (English Track) Login
*Faculty of Letters Humanities and Human Sciences - Philosophy and Cultural Sciences - History and Anthropology - Linguistics and Literature - Human Sciences *Graduate School of Letters Philosophy and Cultural Sciences - Philosophy - Ethics and Applied Ehtics - Religious Studies and Indian Philosophy - Theory and History of Arts History and Area Studies - Japanese History - Asian History - Occidental History - History and Anthropology - Northern Culture Studies - Slavic Studies Linguistics and Literature - Linguistics and Western Languages - Western Literature - Linguistics Sciences - Japanology - Sinology - Filmology and Cultural Studies of Representation Human Sciences - Psychology - Behavioral Science - Sociology - Regional Sciences Login
*School of Law Law - Public Law - Private Law - Criminal Law - Social Law - Interdisciplinary Legal Studies - Political Studies *Graduate School of Law Law and Political Studies - Modern Law - Interdisciplinary Legal Studies - Political Studies - Advanced Institute for Law and Politics Login
*Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Computer Science and Information Technology - Synergetic Information Engineering - Knowledge Software Science - Mathematical Science - Large-Scale Information Systems Electronics for Informatics - Integrated Systems Engineering - Advanced Electronics - Quantum Electronics and Informatics Bioengineering and Bioinformatics - Bioinformatics - Bioengineering - Advanced Biofunctional Engineering - Advanced Medical Engineering Media and Network Technolgies - Information Media Science and Technology - Information Communication Systems - Ubiquitous Network - Media Network Sociology System Science and Informatics - System Creation - System Synthesis - Informatics for Systems Evolution - Informatics for Remote Sensing - Informatics for Digital Human Login
School of Fisheries Sciences Marine Biology - Marine Biology Stream Applied Marine Science - Applied Marine Science Stream Aquaculture Life Science - Aquaculture Life Science Stream Marine Bioresources Chemistry - Marine Bioesources Chemistry Stream *Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences Marine Bioresource and Environmental Science - Marine Biology and Biodiversity - Marine Bioresource Science - Marine Environmental Science - Marine Environmental and Resource Sensing - Fisheries Engineering - Interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies Login
*Graduate School of Environmental Science Environmental Science Development - Human and Ecological Systems - Environmental Adaptation Science - Practical Science for Environment - Global Environmental Management Earth System Science - Geochemistry - Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics - Cryosphere Science Biosphere Science - Ecosystem Biology - Ecological Genetics - Molecular Biology - Plant Ecology - Animal Ecology - Marine Biogeochemistry and Biology - Auatic Biology - Forest Convervation - Agro-Ecosystem Science Environmental Materials Science - Biomaterials Chemistry - Environmental Nano-Materials - Molecular Photonics and Electronic Science - Environmental Catalytic Chemistry Login
*School of Science Mathematics - Mathematics Stream Physics - Physics Stream Chemistry - Chemistry Stream Biological Sciences - Biology - Macromolecular Functions Earth and Planetary Sciences - Earth and Planetary Sciences Stream *Graduate School of Science Mathematics - Mathematics Condensed Matter Physics - Quantum Solid State Physics - Condensed Matter Physics Cosmosciences - Fundamental Physics - Cosmos and Planets Natural History Sciences - Earth Planetary Dynamics - Earth and Planetary System Science - Biodiversity - Science Communication - Seismology and Volcanology Login
School pf Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy Login
*School of Agriculture Agrobiology and Bioresources Applied Bioscience Bioscience and Chemistry Forest Science Animal Science Bioresource and Environmental Engineering Agricultural Economics *Graduate School of Agriculture Bio-Systems Sustainability - Agriculture and Resource Economics - Safety and Function of Food - Biomass Conversion - Sustainable Agro-Science Agrobiology - Applied Molecular Biology - Botany and Agronomy - Plant Breeding Science - Animal Production Applied Bioscience - Food Science - Biomolecular Chemistry Environmental Resource - Ecology and Systematics - Regional Environment - Science of Forest Resources - Integrated Forest-Landscape Management - Bioproduction Engineering Login
*Graduate School of Life Science Life Sciences - Transdisciplinary Life Science - Biosystems Science - Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science Clinical Pharmacy Login
*School of Education Education - Social Sciences of Education - Pedagogical Foundations of Education - Psychology of Education - Science of Health and Physical Education *Graduate School of Education Education - Pedalogical Foundations of Education - Life-Long Education - Educational Social Sciences - Educational Psychology - Clinical Psychology - Health Education - Physical Education - Multicultural Education Login
*Graduate School of International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies International Media and Communication - Public Communication - Journalism - International Public Relations - Media and Culture - Multimedia Studies - Language and Communication - Language Acquisition - Japanese Linguistics - International PR Strategies Login
*Graduate School of Health Sciences Health Sciences - Health Sciences - Nursing Login
*School of Engineering Applied Science and Engineering - Applied Physics and Engineering - Applied Chemistry - Materials Engineering Electronics and Information Engineering - Computer Science and Information Technology - Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Bioengineering and Bioinformatics - Media and Network Technologies - Systems - Control and Electrical Engineering Mechanical and Intelligent System Engineering - Mechanics and Information - Mechanical Systems Socio-Environmental Engineering - Civil Engineering - Public Policy and Engineering - Architecture - Environmental Engineering - Sustainable Resources Engineering *Graduate School of Engineering Applied Physics - Quantum Matter Physics - Complex Material Physics - Optical Science and Technology - Solid State Physics and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering - Ecological Materials - Materials Design - Energy Materials - Energy Conversion Materials - Ironmaking and Steelmaking - Frontier Energy Engineering Mechanical and Space Engineering - Space Systems Engineering - Materials and Fluid Mechanics - Space Exploration Engineering Human Mechanical Systems and Design - Biomechanics and Robotics - Micromechanical Systems - biomedical Simulation Energy and Environmental Systems - Nuclear and Environmental Systems - Applied Energy Systems Quantum Science and Engineering - Applied Quantum Beam Engineering - Plasma Science and Engineering - Nanomaterials Science - Materials Structure Science - Fusion Science Field Engineering for the Environment - Hydraulic and Aquatic Engineering - Geotechnical and Material Engineering for Disaster Prevention Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment - Engineering for Sustainable Infrastructure System - Policy for Engineering and Environment Architectural and Structural Design - Structural and Urban Safety Design - Human Settlement Design Human Environmental Systems - Planning and Performances for built Environments - Building Engineering and Planning Environmental Engineering - Water Metabolic System - Environmental Management Systems Sustainable Resources Engineering - Resources Engineering - Geoenvironmental Engineering Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering - Global Resources and Environmental Engineering - resources Engineering for International Strategy Login
*Graduate School of Engineering Chemical Sciences and Engineering - Molecular Chemistry and Engineering -- Microscopic Chemical Analyses -- Fine Chemical Reactions -- Cataytic Reactions -- Chemical Process Engineering - Materials Chemistry and Engineering -- Molecular Materials Chemistry -- Inorganic Materials Chemistry -- Frontier Materials Chemistry -- Functional Materials Chemistry - Biological Chemistry and Engineering -- Biomolecular Chemistry -- Biofunctional Chemistry -- Cell Engineering -- Molecular Medical Biochemistry Login
*School of Economics and Business Economics - Economic Theory - Economic History - Applied Economics Business Administration - Business Administration - Management Information *Graduate School of Economics and Business Modern Economics (Mgt) - Economic Analysis - Social and Historical Economics - Economic Policy - Management Analysis Login
*School of Medicine Medicine - Anatomy - Physiology - Biochemistry - Pharmacology - Pathology - Microbiology - Immunology - Forensic Medicine - Hygiene - Public Health - Internal Medicine - Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynecology - Ophthalmology - Psychiatry - Pediatrics - Dermatology - Plastic Surgery - Urology - Otolaryngology - Radiation Medicine / Nuclear Medicine - Anesthesiology - Neurosurgery - Acute and Critical Care Medicine - Rehabilitation Medicine Health Sciences - Nursing - Radiological Technology - Medical Technology - Physical Therapy - Occupational Therapy *Graduate School of Medicine Medicine - Biochemistry - Anatomy - Physiology - Pharmacology - Pathology - Microbiology and Immunology - Social Medicine - Internal Medicine - Radiology - Surgery - Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine - Reconstructive Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine - Reproductive and Developmental Medicine - Sensory Organ Medicine - Neurological Disorder - Medical Biology - Immunology - Pathological Oncology - Clinical Collaboration Medical Science Login
*School of Dental Medicine Dentistry - Oral Anatomy - Histology and Microbiology - Oral Physiology - Biochemistry and Pharmacology - Oral Pathology - Operative Dentistry and Periodontology - Biomaterials and Prosthodontics - Oral Radiography and Medicine - Oral Anesthesia and Oral_Maxil lofacial Surgery - Pedodontics - Orthodontics and Oral Gerodontology - Preventive Dentistry *Graduate School of Dental Medicine Oral Medical Science - Oral Functional Science - Oral Health Science - Oral Pathobiological Science - Stomatognathics - Geriatric Oral Science Login
*School of Veterinary Cooperative Veterinary Education Program - Basic Veterinary Sciences - Pathobiological Veterinary Sciences - Applied Veterinary Sciences - Veterinary Clinical Medicine *Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine - Basic Veterinary Sciences - Applied Veterinary Sciences - Environmental Veterinary Sciences - Clinical Sciences Login
*Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering Biomedical Science and Engineering - Quantum Biomedical Science and Engineering -- Particle Beams for Biomedical Science and Engineering -- Radiation for Biomedical Science and Engineering - Molecular Biomedical Science and Engineering -- Biomedical Imaging -- Biology for Biomedical Science and Engineering Login
*Graduate School of Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases Login
*Graduate School of Global Food Resources Global Food Resources Login
*Graduate School of Public Policy Public Policy - Public Management - International Relations - Technology Policy Login
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