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Under this internationalized society, it is needed to join globally each other separated from the past. For that purpose, we must overcome the differences between different languages and learning Japanese is one of effective ways to do so. At Meros, well-educated and experienced teachers lead the students under the various curriculums depending on their needs like preparation for higher education institutions(including famous Art Univ.), daily conversation, Japanese cultures, business Japanese , and so on. Moreover, well-devised curriculum has been offered to help students to get accustomed to live in Japan and achieve their own purpose more effectively. Meros always welcome you with best educational circumstance.

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EJU Preparation Course Graduate School Preparation Course JLPT Preparation Course Business Japanese *Japanese Conversation Course Prestige Art University Preparation Course Select Class System Intensive Japanese Short Program Private/Group Lessons Login
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Meros Scholarship Meros Reward for Perfect Attendance Login
Japan's Scholarship Login
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EDU Japanese Language Course (Malaysia) Login
EDU Study in Japan Brochure Login

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